1. This is Dale and Jan Williams. We served with your parents in Madagascar from 1968-1980. Jan, my wife, is a nurse and she helped deliver you when you were born in Antananarivo!! We loved serving the Baptist Church Association by training future pastors. After leaving Madagascar, I studied for my Ph.D.. and then we served in Ivory Coast until 2002. I led a communication training center for French-speaking pastors. We are now 82, retired, living in Fort Collins, CO and I now served part-time as pastor of Congregational Care and Preaching in our home church. Gail Lundquist forwarded your latest blog post to us and were so delighted to learn of the great ministry God has raised up through you. Please put us on your list to received notices and blog posts. We will read and pray urgently for the work on the Great Red Island. You have been through some serious health issues but we hope you are healthy now. What a great time to be alive and shining as beacons of light in the gathering darkness. May the peace of Christ rest upon you all.
    Jan and Dale Williams

  2. Mercy In Action has been involved in training for Sarobidy Maternity Center staff for years; we love how willing they are to be lifelong learners in the quest for better maternity health care delivery to the poor. Jamie and Alissa Shattenberg are dedicated to this work and are making a big difference in Madagascar. Please give them all the support you can!

  3. salama o,
    God called I sitraka and my wife to come back to Madagascar begining of this year. We were in South Africa for mission and currently we are in Antsirabe. We would like to know your heart, can we get your phone number?Here is mine,sitraka 0337289776. Blessings.

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