Life’s Joys!

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There is something amazing about seeing my children being cared for by the friends of my youth.  In truth, it is a dream come true.  I love watching my children experience the world of Madagascar that I grew up in, a world one would not appear to fit into and yet where one is welcomed without hesitation. Take for instance, Isabella riding on the back of Armand’s bicycle through the slums of Mahajanga with full confidence that Armand will care for and protect her.

Or Isabella walking through the roots and mud of a mangrove swamp to plant trees with the Eden Projects planters.

or Eliana and Isabella playing with my lifelong friend’s children

Or Gavin sitting peacefully next to Josy in Mahabana

Seeing my children’s lives merge with the Malagasy people with whom I grew up with, is truly a beautiful thing to witness.  It is one of life’s many joys for me.

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