23 Pieces of Luggage…

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     23 pieces of luggage…. that’s how many pieces of luggage we brought back with us to Madagascar!  That of course, is not including our checked luggage of which we had five pieces plus an additional three backpacks for the kids, my purse and a computer bag for Jamie.  So if you’re the math type… that’s 33 pieces!  Oh and a carseat…. 34 pieces total!  Perhaps it gives a whole new branding name to us Americans who like to travel with EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink! 

     You may wonder…. what the heck do we pack in 23 pieces of checked luggage?  Here’s a glimpse…
* toilet seat
* kitchen faucet (sans the kitchen sink!)
* prenatal vitamins for the ladies at SMC
* several boxes of latex gloves
* birthday presents for our kids upcoming 2016 birthdays
* parts to repair the quad, AKA, our “midwife mobile”
* a transmission for someone else’s quad
* enough computer printer ink for 2 years
* fruit basket
* 500 condoms for SMC… the other 500 will come at a later time!
* medical supplies and instruments for SMC
* handheld dustpan and broom that actually works as intended
* kids school curriculum for the remainder of this school year
* linens for our house
* linens for our guesthouse (www.tongasoaguesthouse.com)
* properly functioning clocks for SMC
* essential oils for SMC
* dried chilis to make yummy homemade enchilada sauce and other favorite spices
* Christmas decorations
* a toilet plunger that properly does it’s job….
* pillows
* a bike for Gavin
* Jamie’s recent Christmas present of a speargun
* sunblock, mounds and mounds of sunblock!
* gifts for nearly 40 friends!
* a beautiful framed picture to hang in our kitchen that makes me smile every time I see it
* clothes, shoes, bathing suits and medication for the next 20 months for a family of five

AND the list continues….

and then there’s my husband… he’s the master packer!


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