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Thank you so much for your prayers as Jamie returned to Madagascar for a 2-week work trip with Eden Projects!  Within 12 hours of being in country, they were already out in the remote fishing village of Kalamboro, meeting with the people and employees of Eden Projects.  During their days, they collected important scientific data but even more importantly, they sat with women and men who have been employed with Eden Projects and they listened to their stories.  Stories of their lives, of hardships, of indentured servanthood and debt bondage, of the daily struggle to feed their families.  As they continued to listen, they heard stories of hope and joy and transformation that has come through steady employment.  Of fishing nets and canoes purchased, of rice fields and cattle acquired, of kids in school and medical care accessed because of their monthly wages restoring the forests around them.  We don’t take these amazing transformations lightly– we know that this is God literally bringing women, men, and families out of extreme poverty.  And the people of Kalamboro are seeing this as God’s hand at work too!
In a region steeped with taboos, ancestral worship, and spiritual darkness, the Light of Christ is entering in!  On the first day in Kalamaboro during the village welcoming meeting, Jamie expressed his gratitude for their hard work and care for creation but he also said, “I can’t come here without sharing a greater Hope that goes beyond what this world has to offer, and that is the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ”.  A handful of people replied with excitement, saying that “this village needs Jesus!” That very night, roughly 60-70 people came to the first ever church service in Kalamboro and heard the gospel of Christ!  The remaining two nights, additional church services occurred in the same large open gazebo by solar light with people sitting on the sand atop the woven grass mat!  Beauty as the darkness is pushed out!

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