Daddy Daycare in the Philippines!!

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The last three weeks I have shifted not only countries but also roles as Alissa is doing an intensive midwifery internship with the Mercy In Action midwives. As she is working many hours a day and on call 24/7 for births, I am at home with the kids. I have become Mr. Mom in the Philippines. We’re in an unknown country where I have to learn how to and where to shop all over again, where I don’t know the best brand of laundry detergent, or butter or hand soap or diapers anymore, where the washer and spinner are separate machines that run manually, where my floors are constantly a mess due to the three kids, where I do not have my own vehicle and instead my only transportation to tote the kids around is is a bicycle with a sidecar that lost its brakes one trip and the chain and pedal broke on another and finally, when it comes to eating balut is three enough or four too many? (Balut is a partially mature chick in an egg that is hard boiled and you eat the feathers, bones, beak, and all. Oh yeah!)

Needless to say, being Mr. Mom in a new country is quite the adventure and having lots of time with the kids is a wonderful gift, especially when I get to experience amazing places with them.  Isabella, Eliana, and I met with a short-term team from Canada and headed off to the beach.  Destination: a remote uninhabited island.  We drove past rice fields, water buffalo, and five Philippino towns before boarding a motorized outrigger canoe with the loudest little motor you can imagine.  Once we arrived at our island we enjoyed a wonderful day at an island beach.  It was the first day Eliana braved the waves on her own.  You go girl!!  With Isabella in a life jacket 5 times too big and Eliana in her inner tube we snorkeled, swam, and body surfed the day away.  Thank you God for making our world and lives so beautiful.












 Now that is beautiful!!!

Indeed, playing the role of Mr. Mom has it’s challenges… but some of the benefits are amazing!


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