Essential Oils!

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Last week we were blessed to receive a huge box packed with lots of love by some friends of ours in frosty Ohio.  Truth be told, this friend and I have never officially met, as in, in person.  We’ve emailed, texted and talked on the phone… and without a doubt, we’re sisters from another mother.  She lived and worked in Madagascar for a year back in 2000.  Many people say, after spending any significant amount of time in Africa, it gets in your blood.  Oh, how true this is.  She left a part of her heart in Madagascar more than a decade ago and now through the essential oils in this box, she and many others will be blessing the women of the Sarobidy Maternity Center!

I’m new to essential oils but I know these little gems are pure certified therapeutic grade oils from God’s creation–plants, flowers, fruits– all that have powerful benefits in all sorts of ways for mommas during pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum as well as general health for everyone!  Madagascar has tons of medicinal plants and trees… in fact the ylang ylang and clove essential oils COME from Madagascar.  How cool is that?  With that said, I’m anticipating that the Malagasy women in our program will be receptive to the use of these!

A big thank you to all the ladies that graciously donated over $2,000 of oils, diffusers and the resource books for the women of the Sarobidy Maternity Center!  And to my friend, my sister… misaotra betsaka… mafinaritra-be ity ny fanomezana ity!  



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