Easter Surprises

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As Easter approached this year, I realized I was disappointed in that we weren’t going to give the kids the Easter festivities that they’re accustomed to… church would look different, Easter with family would look different, and the Easter egg hunt would look different.  I grieved at the loss of these but didn’t speak of the disappointment of the absence of the plastic eggs filled with candy, the fake green easter grass and the goodies to fill their baskets.  The Thursday before Easter, we were packing our bags to travel to the capital for a meeting Jamie would have the day after Easter.  Two hours before we got on the road, we received a receipt, hand delivered, stating that there were some boxes at the post office for us to pick up.  Of course, we dropped everything to make it before they closed at 11:30am.  We came home and excitedly opened these care packages, two from my parents and one from a couple in Santa Barbara from our home church.  Inside?  Fake green easter grass, plastic eggs, stuffed animal easter bunnies, PEZ easter candy dispensers, springtime stickers, books, easter cards, easter dresses, pink easter ribbon…. THE WORKS!  Though I shouldn’t be, I’m amazed at how God knew the unspoken desires of this mama’s heart and blessed our family through His people!  Thanks grandma and grandpa and Russ and Kay!






finding creative hiding spots inside due to the heavy rain outside…





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