First Babies

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The first two women of the Sarobidy Maternity Center had their babies in the last week!

Judicia had a beautiful baby girl and Prisca, a sweet baby boy!

Both moms and babies are doing well and are settled in at home.  Rota, the malagasy midwife and I have already had a few home visits with each mama and baby as we make sure both are healthy, breastfeeding well, watching the weight of the baby, healing, educating and praying for them.  The home visits may just be my favorite part of the work… it’s a privilege to get a better glimpse into the lives of the women on their turf, in their homes and with their family around them.


Judicia’s 1 room (12′ x 12′) tin house

proud mama looking on

proud mama looking on


Judicia and her sweet little girl


Prisca, home and happy with her beautiful baby boy

beben' prisca

Prisca’s 90-year old grandmother who is a traditional birth attendant. She actually performed a successful external version of Prisca’s breech baby! The two of us shared a celebration dance over the birth of her great grandson during our home visit!


  1. I’m dancing in my heart, joining you and Prisca’s 90 year old grandmother. Pure joy when a new life enters this world safely and is thriving!!! Congratulations to all!

  2. We join both of you in a celebration dance.

  3. Wow such a contrast to the home visits I do! I can’t wait to see you and hear more in person. Thank you for your amazing posts.

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