Friendly Skies

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While my folks were visiting, we decided to forego the normal 10-hour drive to the capital city and instead take the quick 45-minute flight.  It sounds a bit like a no brainer but in fact, this was the first time we’ve done this… and it was so nice!

We arrived at the airport the required 90 minutes prior to our flight, tickets and passports in hand.  I stepped up to the counter, gave them our electronic tickets and within minutes, all of us were checked in and our luggage disappeared.  The only thing… we never had to show our passports, nope, no identity whatsoever.  As it drew closer to our departure time we went into the gate area, through the metal detector that was unplugged and without any hesitation by the not-so-nearby security guard.  At the gate as we stepped onto the tarmac we gave the airport employee our tickets and once again, weren’t asked or required to show any identification prior to our boarding the plane.

Somehow I don’t think this would fly with TSA in the United States.

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