Josy- Update #2

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Friends, thank you for your continued prayers for our dear friend Josy.  It’s been 2 weeks since our last update just after Josy had surgery.

     There’s been several times that I’ve sat down to write a letter but the suspected diagnosis and prognosis hasn’t been concrete enough to share, until now.
     Two days ago, Josy was readmitted to the hospital for monitoring and seen by a nephrologist yesterday.  We just spoke with the specialist as well as the previous physician, Dr. Frank.
     The news is not good.
     It was originally believed that Josy’s kidneys were functioning at approximately 30% however we now know that this is incorrect and that Josy’s kidneys can no longer sustain his life.  He will start dialysis 2-3 days a week indefinitely or until he can, by God’s grace alone, receive a kidney transplant.  Fortunately, there is a dialysis machine on the island, unfortunately, there isn’t an established kidney transplant program yet.  If a matching donor can be found, both Josy and the donor will need to travel to Thailand, India or China for the transplant to be performed.
     Our emotions are raw and our hearts are heavy laden with this news.  We’re numb and yet tears come easily. Our grief is deep and yet our hope in Christ is eternal. For our friend whom we love deeply, our hearts break. For his wife, Ana, and their 3 children, Josya (8), Princia (5) and Joice (3), there are simply no words.
     We will be making the 10-hour drive to the capital city this weekend to be with Josy and to sit at his bedside. We’re making arrangements to share the news with his family who are still here in Mahajanga and to bring his 3 children to be with their father.
     It goes without saying, please pray for Josy.  Pray for God’s divine intervention and the peace of Christ to be upon him and pray as the Spirit leads you.  Pray also for comfort for Ana, Josya, Princia and Joice as they walk this road.  And please pray for great wisdom for us.
Mahabana, September 2004-- Josy (2nd from right) with his newborn baby girl, Josya, wife Ana, (in green), and the only time Josy's mom saw the remote village of Mahabana (in black jacket)

Mahabana, September 2004–
Josy (2nd from right) with his newborn baby girl, Josya, wife Ana, (in green), and the only time Josy’s mom saw the remote village of Mahabana (in black jacket)

God in all ways, always God–

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  1. I have been following josy’s story closely. I am so sorry that he is not recovering from his illness and the only recourse, a transplant, is a long shot, at best. I know this has been a long and difficult journey for you and for those who love and care for him. Stay strong and optimistic. All my best, janice

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