Josy- Update #3

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It was just 3 short weeks yet what-feels-like-forever-ago, that we wrote to you with the devastating news of the prognosis for our dear friend and ministry partner Josy.  Three weeks ago that we were preparing ourselves that Josy might not live another week.  And truth be told, according to the physician, he was that close to death.

God’s truth that He knows the number of our days is so apparent and we’re thankful that Josy has more life here on earth!

After being admitted to a different hospital with a specialist in nephrology, receiving several units of blood, and starting dialysis to remove the serious amounts of toxins within his body, Josy is gaining life. He’s stabilized, stronger each day, his joy and hope are present, and he’s getting ready to be released from the hospital yet again.

Josy will continue to receive dialysis 3 times a week until a matching donor can be found and arrangements can be made for a kidney transplant.  Unfortunately for Josy and his family, dialysis means that they need to continue to live in the capital city of Antananarivo, a 10-hour drive from their city and ours.

Dialysis as you can imagine, isn’t cheap.  Thankfully, it’s not American healthcare prices, but it’s still $125.00 per dialysis session or $1500.00 per month plus a $250.00 monthly injection to aid in his red blood cell production. Both are required for Josy to live.

We are committed to Josy and his life until the Lord chooses to take him home.  Josy will continue to receive his monthly salary from Eden Projects which covers their living expenses, kids education, etc.  Even with a good salary however, this won’t even dent his medical expenses that need to be paid every month.   An account has been created for Josy through Eden Projects.  Would you consider a one-time or monthly donation to aid in Josy’s medical expenses?  We praise God that already someone has graciously and generously committed to covering the cost of the kidney transplant surgery for Josy when the time arises.  We rejoice in God’s provision, His incomparable love for Josy and His great mercy in his life.

All gifts for Josy can be mailed to:

Eden Reforestation Projects

150 E. Meda Ave Ste #210

Glendora, CA 91741

Please note “Josy” in the memo section.  100% of all gifts will be directed specifically for Josy’s medical care.

A Celebration of Life…

Soon after we heard the devastating news about Josy, we drove to the capital to be with him and his family and to advocate for him and help navigate the medical system.  More on this here.  Medically, not much is simple in Madagascar.  Patients and their families are responsible to purchase and provide for all the necessary medical supplies, medications, food, bed linens, etc as well as to provide for a majority of the nursing care.

Last week when it was time for Josy to have his renal catheters removed, he had to arrange for someone to pick him up, drive him across town to a different hospital and then to return again to the hospital he’s been admitted to.  During this transit time, we arranged a “sunshine and life date” with Josy, his wife Ana and their three kids as they’re not allowed in the hospital to see their father.  We met with them, sat at a picnic table and talked with Josy and Ana, his head resting in her lap as he was too fatigued to sit for long periods of time.  Our 6 kids, innocent to the depths of what’s happening around them, laughed and played together joyously.  We all soaked up the fresh air and sunshine, the joy and the conversations…but no one more so than Josy.

To think 14 days prior to these photos, Josy, was close to death.  Ana, was most likely days away from losing her best friend and husband…. and now, LIFE.


Likewise, these precious children were most likely days away from losing their father, forever changing the fabric of their family and now…..LIFE.


We are celebrating more LIFE on earth with Josy!  Praise be to God alone!!!

A Few Fun Facts…

  • Josy is the youngest child of seven children and was the first in his family to come to Christ. Josy was instrumental in leading both parents and his siblings to Jesus.
  • Josy and Jamie were baptized side-by-side in the Mozambique Channel when they were 14 years old.
  • Josy and Jamie have traveled most of the massive island of Madagascar together, interning with seasoned Malagasy evangelists.
  • Josy grew up incredibly impoverished with a large family in a small tin house without electricity or running water.  After starting his own fishing business in Mahabana he paid for electricity to be added to his parent’s house.
  • Despite Josy’s equivalent to a 3rd grade education, he is the Malagasy National Director for Eden Projects, which is quite possibly the largest reforestation organization in the country.  Josy has become a pillar in our neighborhood as well as in the remote village of Mahabana.
  • Josy and Jamie prayed together fervently for their wives when they were younger.  For both Josy and Jamie, 10 years of marriage and 3 kids later, they’re happy and we all praise God for answered prayers!
Josy (in blue shirt) and Jamie on their travels, February 2001

Josy (in blue shirt) and Jamie on one of their many trips, February 2001

Thank you for continuing to stand in prayer with us for Josy– for this father, husband, ministry partner, brother, friend, ambassador for Christ.


God in all ways, always God–

Alissa, Jamie, Isabella, Eliana and Gavin


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