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Last week I finally had a chance to pull out my mother-in-law’s old Singer sewing machine.  Sewing was a wonderful hobby that Bonnie and I enjoyed doing when we lived together 9 years ago.  She passed away in January 2010 and I consider this sewing machine to be a bit of an heirloom that I have the privilege to borrow right now.  The machine is one of those old-school, work-horse, they don’t-make-them-like-this-anymore machines.  I’ve always known this to be true and on this specific day, I came to a whole new understanding of this truth.  The baby was a little fussy and I was trying to get the last of a mending project done so I picked him up and single-handedly began to sew again… until I sewed clear through my ring finger!  With an upholstery needle to boot!  I was quite literally sewed to the machine.  After a lot of loud screaming and a husband who was a bit paralyzed by the whole event, I managed with my left hand, to unscrew the needle from the machine and then Jamie extracted the intact needle and thread from my finger!  Unfortunately the battle wounds don’t give justice to the trauma… if there is a next time, I promise to catch the actual event on film!



  The point of ENTRY…

 ….and EXIT


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