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That’s right… I passed my NARM midwifery board exams!  How ’bout a little “woohoo!” with me!?!  I’m absolutely thrilled and so incredibly relieved!  To be quite honest, in the last two weeks since my test, I haven’t spent too much time thinking about my results.  I think there was just too many other things to accomplish.  The morning after the exam when I returned from Sacramento, we hit full-board the purchasing and packing process in preparation for our return to Madagascar next week.  However, this all changed 3 days ago when I found out that 2 friends had received news that they had passed!  Another “woohoo!” please!  With that news, I started to obsessively check email and the mailbox…. I became a little bit like a caged animal, back and forth, back and forth.  I was going a bit loopy.  Good thing it didn’t last long and it all abruptly ended when I received the letter in our inbox.  “Congratulations….”   Sweet, sweet joy!

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