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Last week we arrived in Olongapo, Philippines where we’ll call home for the next 6+ weeks. We were blessed beyond measure as our teammates here had already found and furnished a small house for us… no easy feat in a developing country! As though this isn’t gift enough, the house is literally right across the street from the Mercy Midwives Birthing Home where I’ll continue my midwifery training. Within 2 hours of our arrival, I was called across the street for a birth… nothing like hitting the ground running. Just 2 hours later, a beautiful baby girl entered the world and was born into a calm, quiet, gentle and respectful environment. Yet another gift… on so many levels. In the last week we’ve set up house and settled in, navigated public transportation and grocery shopping, tasted an assortment of street food and I’ve been daily working at the birth center while Jamie has successfully played the role of Mr. Mom/Super Dad. Thanks for your prayers for us in our travel and transitions. God is gracious and we’re experiencing His goodness to us.

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