Puzzle Time

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A few days a week, after school is over and kids are awake from naps or rest time, our kids play with a regular group of 6-7 Malagasy kids.  It is awesome!  It brings joy all around– to our kids, the Malagasy kids, and to us.  Usually they play games like prison tag, kick-the-can and soccer.  They push each other on the tire swing and the girls braid one another’s hair.  Their play language is Malagasy with our girls trying to teach some English.  Two weeks ago, we busted out a super fun extra large rainforest puzzle that we brought with us from the States.  The Malagasy kids had absolutely zero idea of what a puzzle was but quickly caught on and intently worked on it until they were finished, not even stopping for a snack!  As they got closer and closer to the finished product the excitement built.  With the last piece of the puzzle in place, there was clapping and dancing out of shear and utter joy!  So awesome!  These kids richly bless the lives of our children and us and I pray we get to do the same right back by opening their worlds a little.



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