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Two weeks ago, over Pentecost, we had a long holiday weekend… after all, doesn’t everybody have Pentecost Monday as a national holiday?  Along with our guests, we went to a lush rainforest, Ranomafana (literally translated as Hot Water because of the natural hot springs).  It’s one of the “must see” tourist sites on the island.  A large rainforest with a river meandering through the valley floor, full of lemurs, chameleons, mongoose, birds, orchids and leeches.  I’m thankful to report that I was the only one of our family to have to pull off a blood-thirsty leech from my leg.  It was spectacular… the forest that is!  Here’s a few pictures to enjoy…





Namorona River


Calumma oshaughnessyi???


nocturnal mouse lemur


I spy with my little eye a frog sleeping in a leaf…


ring-tailed mongoose


can you spot this guy?


here he is… a leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)


greater bamboo lemur: (1 of only 2 left within 40km of forest and both are males…)

Gavin loved looking at the lemurs!

female red-bellied lemur


male red-bellied lemur


going on a lemur hunt…


Calumma nasuta???


wild orchids blooming in the trees


red velvet mite


Calumma brevicornis (male)


our little explorer…


Calumma brevicornis (female)


Echinapodera sp.


Calumma gastrotaenia


Gavin thought this little guy (also in the picture above) was as cool as we did…


just a LITTLE rickety bridge to cross

to our lunch spot…


our own little lemur…


look closely, it’s a tree growing out of a heart-shaped stump…AWESOME!

A great day of exploring Madagascar!!!

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