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As we get ready to re-enter into our American life in Santa Barbara, we’ve been thinking and talking about all the things we’re looking forward to. Here are just a few:

We can all say we’re looking forward to family and friends and worshipping in our home church in English! And after 6+ week in the Philippines, we also all agree that we’re really looking forward to being able to put toilet paper in the toilet rather than the trash can and having a toilet that we can flush!
And for our individual lists:
* surfing
* family runs along the SB coastline
* sharing what God is doing in Madagascar

* running
* cooler temperatures
* shopping (from groceries to new clothes!)
* good restaurants and date nights

* giving grammy and grampy a big hug and kiss
* making snickerdoodle cookies with grammy
* getting new clothes
* going to Disneyland for 101 days! (oh, the dreams of a 6 year old!)

* having tea with grammy
* making chocolate chip cookies with grampy
* getting presents
* going to the zoo and parks

* saying “look!” at all the new things
* making people laugh
* experiencing parks for the 1st time! hooray!

Indeed we anticipate some glorious moments during our time home in Santa Barbara!


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