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Sekoly is “school” in Malagasy and is what transpires four days a week for the three older kids on our team; Isabella (4), Oliver (3), and Eliana (2).  Sekoly coincides with Malagasy language lessons for the parents, however it’s a very different education for these little ones.  Jamie is their exuberant teacher and as a result, sekoly days are full of explorations and adventures, singing, learning Malagasy words, as well as their ABC’s and the art of writing.

Here’s a recent excerpt from an email Jamie sent to our teammates, Jonathan and Mandy (parents to Oliver) of the kids sekoly day…

“We went for a hike at Sekoly today.  We drove out of town on a really back road to a bridge; then we climbed a hill and met some people carrying a lot of charcoal of their heads on their way to the market.  We bought some little baskets from a lady and some sweet potatoes to fill our baskets from another lady and then walked back to the car.  On the way home we pulled a car out of the mud and did some major off-roading in the process.  It was a good day.”





 Buying sweet potatoes


Enjoying a sarety ride…


Mid-morning snack by the lake


Birthday celebration


No worries… the trains don’t run!



Balancing in local fishing canoes…



And having lots of fun while learning!



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