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I can’t help but to love the signs on the roads in Madagascar.  They’re mostly made of cement with the exception of the few that are made of metal.  I’m pretty sure they’re all hand-painted– you know ’cause we’re quite the developing place around here.  The national highways are just as developed as the signs that are on the side of their roads.  Two lane roads with one lane bridges zig zag throughout the countryside.  There is not a single freeway on this island that is the 4th largest in the world.  I guess the good side of this is that it allows us to pull over, stop, get out of the car and take these shots.

The kilometer markers…


The curvy road ahead…


The speed bump ahead…


The danger ahead…


The some signs have seen better days…


The people are crossing…


The road is narrowing and coming to a bridge…


The zebu (cow) is crossing… IMG_7022

And by far my favorite because it’s quite cute… the train is crossing…





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  1. Love the custom hand painted signs! Always so excited when you blog post a new article with photos! Helps me to feel connected to you all! Love you

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