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The Philippines, like other cultures is unique. One of the many unique characteristics about the PI is the names of some of the people… sure, there’s some Tom’s and Sally’s, Mike’s and Jenny’s but there’s also names like Jha Jha, Bong, Princess Fay and Baby Jane. Yes, unique.
We’ve also come across some pretty great signs. Sadly we didn’t always have a camera with us on such occasions but when we did, we made sure to get a shot. Here’s a few.

We found this one on the street in front of a sari sari or small general store.

Loved this one… especially the “secret marriage” part.  Note the Tricycle in the background.  This was common public transportation for us.  Jamie would sit behind the motocycle driver while me and all three kids would sit on the small bench seat.

I may have to argue with the sign on this ice cream cart… after all, delicious isn’t always nutritious!

I think this one speaks for itself…

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