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A few weeks ago we started singing with the ladies before and after our class sessions.  It’s amazing how singing breaks the darkness and the staleness of the air and replaces it with life and refreshment.  We’re singing about the great love of Christ and singing about God’s grace for us.  Some of the women in our program are Christ-followers.  Some are not.  Some are Muslim while others may worship their ancestors and seek blessings from the dead.  Even so, all of the women get into learning the songs and singing.  This particular song is titled Jesosy no lakana.  In a country where outrigger canoes (lakanas) are used frequently, this is a Malagasy written song about how Jesus alone is the lakana or the way to an eternal salvation and relationship with God. Bringing light out of darkness– awesome stuff.


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  1. Great idea! Music reaches souls and provides rest &calm &security for moms and babies!!! Awesome ministry!!! We love you and all the care you &yours provide!

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