Sunday Fun

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There isn’t an overabundance of fun activities for kids here in Madagascar.  Thankfully though, we live on the northwest coast of the island where the days are hot and the beach is close.  As a mom of young kids, this lack of activities is definitely an unwelcome challenge.  No zoos, no parks, no natural history museum or sea center.  We do have 1 scant playground for which we’re thankful.  The other thing we’re incredibly thankful for is the boulevard fun on a Sunday afternoon.  The boulevard is a long stretch of walkway on the coastline.  It’s a gathering place for hundreds of Malagasy during the evening… to walk (and strut your stuff), to sing, to eat, to socialize.  In the past, this was the extent of the boulevard.  BUT, we were blown away to find this upon our return to the Red Island!





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  1. This looks like such an awesome night of family fun!

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