Ten on Ten- January 2017

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Ten photos throughout the day on the 10th of the month to capture the beauty of the ordinary in our day.  The 10th landed on a Tuesday this month.  Tuesday is our shopping day that Jamie and I make a date out of… nothing special…  no great restaurants, food, coffee, movie, walk on the beach, etc… merely a day that we set aside each week to catch up and be together sans kiddos and little voices interrupting our conversation.  Tuesdays consist of  grocery shopping– usually involving the fresh produce market and three grocery stores… all carrying something a little different than the other.  Tuesdays also consist of any shopping for things for the house, maternity center, Eden Projects, etc– this day that included a stop at the office supply store for a calendar book for our mamas to sign in each day as they arrive at the maternity center, receipt books for the artisans of Sarobidy Creations, ordering large concave mirrors from an auto parts store in order to see who the person is knocking on our gate (i.e. to not open the gate if it’s thieves!), the purchase of a broom on the side of the road as well as searching the furniture stalls on the roadside for two single beds for our new on-call midwife house.  Like I said, nothing special… just time together.  It’s good.

The day started with a glorious thunderstorm followed by a wonderful overcast day, checking in on current construction of the garage at the Sarobidy Maternity Center to house our ambulance, and making a scrumptious homemade orange layered cake with our youngest to celebrate the birthday of our good friend and teammate, Danielle.


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