Ten on Ten- June 2018

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So many months since Ten on Ten. I miss this monthly gift that helps me pick up the camera to catch the daily happenings of life. To remember these days that are so fleeting. The 10th fell on a Sunday this month… sandwiched between our return from a a whirlwind trip to the capital city the night before and the evening pick up of a sonography team that provided our staff with two weeks of obstetrical ultrasound training. Amazing!

A morning workout with a super cute guy keeping me company, our bi-monthly Malagasy-English church service, a sweet growing girl who was born at the maternity center, grocery shopping, a drop in visit with my dearest Malagasy friend Maman’i Aby, cleaning fruit and veggies, baking a birthday cake for Maman’i Aby, the bicycle brigade, an airport pickup, the tail end of an amazing sunset over the Mozambique Channel and a team dinner to get to know Angie and Michelle, the sonographers. Phew.




  1. Alissa, I love, love your photo journal of a day in your life. Thank you, thank you for posting all that you do. I feel like I am there with you all and sure wish that I was! Love the picture of Gavin and the pure joy you and Mama NBe share together!
    Love you all

  2. Sounds like a full day! Full of joy and relationship, though. 🙂

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