To Miss and Not To Miss….

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It’s been a week since we left the great Red Island of Madagascar. There are several aspects of our life that we already miss… and there are some aspects for which we’re happy to have a break from. Here’s our top few….


1. Friends… We’ll all miss our Malagasy friends who are an integral part of our lives.

2. Jamie will miss his direct involvement with the  management of the large scale mangrove reforestation work but will continue to manage this project from afar.

3. Jamie and I will both miss being part of a community where we are known and we know others.

4. We’ll all miss the fresh fish and large variety of scrumptious tropical fruit and super fresh veggies.

5. We’ll all miss the beautiful sunsets over the Mozambique channel.

6. Isabella will miss “planting mangrove trees with daddy”.

7. Eliana and Isabella will both miss “learning at the French school, singing songs and playing with our neighbor friends”.

(Both girls classes came to our house for a recent “field trip” to see animals from Madagascar including chameleons, lemurs, frogs, &  iguanas)

8.   Eliana will miss “swinging on the tire swing”.

9.   Gavin will miss chasing the chickens and turkeys… or    at least that’s what I think he’ll miss.

10. The kids will certainly miss Maman’i Aby and Dina, their adoptive Malagasy grandparents who are really just a few years older than we are but are truly family.  We will miss them too!


  1. The heat.
  2. Filtering water in order to drink safe and clean water.
  3. Putting down mosquito nets every night to protect against        malaria.
  4. Bleaching our fruits and vegetables in order to prevent lovely intestinal friends from dwelling within us.
  5. Begging on the streets.
  6. Being far away from family.

With all of these misses, there’s an equal amount of things we’re looking forward to back in the States… our arrival however is still 7 weeks away and as such, this is a post for another time.

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