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Unexpected birth…

It was 11:15pm and amazingly, we were already in bed and had just fallen asleep. I received a phone call from Rota, the Malagasy midwife at the maternity center.  She was talking fast and was a bit winded as she walked down the dark dirt road telling me that Elizabeth, who was pregnant with twins and at term, was laboring at her home and progressing quickly.  I texted Danielle, our American ministry partner, threw on some clothes, grabbed my bag, water and a flashlight and we were out the door. We arrived to a 7′ x 7′ traditional palm leaf house sitting on the edge of the rice paddies just down the road from our house.  This small house without electricity or running water was just big enough for a double bed, two small tables, a bike and standing room for 3 people only.  At times, there were five of us standing and navigating our way around one another!

   Upon our arrival, a baby boy was already born and though he was dreadfully small at first glance, he was breathing and stable.   Meanwhile, his mama Elizabeth, continued working hard to bring her second baby into the world.   To continue reading, click here!

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