Unsung Heroes (part I)

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We decided to start a little “Unsung Heroes” series… a tribute to all the Malagasy people who work so hard, day after day, to eek out a living in order to care for their family the best they can.  The stories are unique and they are endless.  Our goal is that these circumstances and lives may not go unnoticed in the world…. at least in our small world and the circle of friends and family who view this blog. We found are ourselves in awe of the human spirit, inspired by other’s determination and full of gratitude for the lives that we live… may you experience the same.

This rock quarry outside of Antsirabe is the workplace for nearly 100 men, women and children.  Their work is exhausting, chiseling by hand, massive blocks of rock out of the hillside.  Some of these blocks are then chiseled into smaller blocks, while most are made into gravel… by hand, day in and day out, sunup to sundown.  The women and older children work as hard and as long as their male counterparts while the younger children and babies play amongst the gravel and rocks.  All this work, all this energy, in hopes of selling their product so that they can eat the next day.













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