Viva la Fiesta!

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As one can imagine, there are a number of things that we miss about life in Santa Barbara…. family and friends of course, church, our home culture, paved roads, … and FIESTA!  For those non-Santa Barbara folk, Fiesta is a 75+ year tradition of celebrating the Mexican and Spanish culture that decorates our hometown in the States.  Essentially, Fiesta is a 5-day party full of festivals, parades, music, dancing and good Mexican food!  It’s an event that is happening RIGHT NOW as I type this and it’s an event that I terribly miss!  The last 4 years, our kids and their cousins have taken part in the El Desfile de Los Ninos or children’s parade… the same parade that I grew up participating in with my sister and cousins.  Yesterday, I went out to the street where they sell used clothes, kind of like a farmer’s market of used clothes, from places like America, Europe and Asia.  At times there’s some pretty good finds…. like this one!  This is one of the traditional dresses that people wear during FIESTA in Santa Barbara!  I nearly cried when I saw this dress and quickly paid the equivalent to $1.50 for it.  So… across multiple oceans on the extreme opposite side of the world…. here we are in Madagascar, getting into the Fiesta spirit!  VIVA la FIESTA!!!





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