You Know it’s HOT (& muggy) When….

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Since we’re below the equator here in Madagascar, our seasons are reversed. So while many of you are enjoying some cooler days, perhaps even too cold, we’re suffering through some intense heat and humidity. If you’ve ever been to my hometown of Santa Barbara, you know that the weather there is really as close to perfect as you can get….well maybe it could be a little warmer in the summers… but still, it’s pretty darn amazing. Not too cold in the winters nor too hot in the summers… just perfect! In fact we usually have a spell of beautiful beach days in January mixed in with some cooler rainy days that are just right for that time of year. Unfortunately this blog post isn’t about the beautiful temperate climate of Santa Barbara…. no, it’s about the cruel and unusual punishment of the heat here in Mahajanga! So with no further adieu…

You Know It’s HOT (& Muggy) When…
…daily conversations with Malagasy friends include phrases like “this heat is poison”
…you make 8 trays of ice cubes every single day
…your 20-month old with a very limited vocabulary says “HOT” every time you step out of the car
…your cold shower isn’t even cold
…you’ve become accustomed to the sweat beads that form on the lip and brow of your child at 8am…. and to the heat rash that goes with it
…the sitting place of choice for the whole family is the kids inflatable pool
…there’s an abundance of mold on your hats and jewelry…yes, jewelry!
…it’s 98 degrees in the shade at 4:30pm with a humidity in the 90’s!

This list is nowhere near complete but I’m about ready to crawl out of my skin so I’m gonna go take a not-so-cold shower or do a swan dive into the kiddy pool.

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