A Little Taste of Paradise

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The kids having been asking me to bake lately.  In fact, Gavin and Eliana both attempted to bake their own renditions of dessert yesterday… for Gavin it was chocolate pizza and for Eliana, it was chocolate cake.  Of course the measurements were all askew and Eliana was heartbroken and distraught when her cake came out of the oven still in liquid form.  I promised, “tomorrow we’ll make chocolate chip cookies!”  Squeels of delight sounded through the house.

So, today was the day.  For you folks in America, you’re probably thinking, “yeah, chocolate chip cookies… big deal!”  But for us… it’s a BIG deal.  All because of the ingredients and where they have to come from to get here!

The chocolate chips were a gift to us from our Africa field leaders back in September…. the real deal, Nestle TollHouse… from America!

The brown sugar… we brought back from our trip to Mauritius over a year ago.  It’s been sitting in our freezer, keeping away the bugs for such a time as this.

The oatmeal is imported from South Africa.

The butter is imported from New Zealand… otherwise it’s just margarine.

The vanilla… well that’s the easy one, Madagascar is the land of vanilla.  Split the beans and soak in rum.

Of course, shirts are optional to enjoy these delectable treats!

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  1. CUTE!

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