A taste of home…

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Last week we received our first guests from the States… friends, Nolan and Elizabeth Hunt.  For the year or so before we left, they also lived in Santa Barbara, attended the same church, we were in Bible study together and they often babysat for us.  How precious was their arrival!  It was a colliding of our two worlds, our Santa Barbara life and our Malagasy life.  They came bearing gifts… ALOT of gifts and so we had a suitcase unpacking party at our house!  Books, clothes, toys, birthday presents, some favorite goodies (chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe’s oh my!!) as well as a host of other essentials we can’t get here.  In the week since their arrival, we’ve taken them to deforested areas, an orphanage, a brick-making place, a former king’s house, youth group, and an awesome rainforest for the weekend.  They’ll be with us for the next 3 months as they explore Madagascar and the potential for future long-term ministry here.  Please join us in praying for the Hunt’s and their time here!





*santa barbara image taken from preservationnation.org

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