A Village Transformed– Maman’i Kambana

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In late 2006, the first mangrove propagule went into the mud in the mangrove channels that surround a remote peninsula in the village of Mahabana on the northwest coast of Madagascar.  It was an experiment.  The propagule grew, and grew, and grew.  A team of 8 Malagasy friends planted an additional 100,000 propagules.  They also grew.  Now, 8 years later, millions and millions of mangrove propagules have been planted in Mahabana and other surrounding villages…. just about 88 million to be exact.  We think this is pretty awesome. However, what’s even more awesome, is the transformation of men and women, families, whole villages and generations to come as a result of steady employment and the reforestation of the natural forests that are so vital to life on so, so, so many levels.  Even more vital to life eternal– as people care for creation, they are drawn to the Creator!!  We know this to be even more awesome!!!

Watch this amazing video about Maman’i Kambana, just one of the many full-time planters that Eden Projects employs!  By the way, there’s a pretty handsome fella in there too…


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  1. Hi Jamie,
    It has been six years that we met at the local boulangerie here in Antisrabe. I was a little bit sad that you left Antsirabe, but I am so happy to see all the good work that you are doing out there! I am so impressed and would like to come and see you work. But I am too busy with our work here, also useful, in a different way. I would like to start planting trees as well, since the forest around us is dissappearing too fast as well.
    I wish you all the very best and keep up the good work!


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