Combatting Lies with Truth… November News

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   For years we have been praying for like-minded ministry partners to join in the growing work in Madagascar.  In 2014 and early 2015 we hosted several individuals, couples and families that came to Madagascar for vision trips.  Now that we’re back in the States we’re meeting with the same folks as they work on returning to Madagascar to serve with us– some for 6 months, some for a year, some for as long as God keeps them in Madagascar.  God has been so faithful in this way as He has put the island of Madagascar and the Malagasy people on the hearts of these amazing future teammates!
   In the months that we’ve been back in the USA, we’ve been meeting with and coming alongside a young woman and 4 families, as well as their respective mission organizations!  During these times, we’ve dreamt and prayed together about ministry possibilities, we’ve talked budget and logistics, kids education, cultural challenges, language learning, Stateside/Canadian-side preparations and Madagascar-side banking, house set-up, etc, etc, etc. It’s no easy feat to move whether single or a family to the other side of the globe.  Each of these folks are incredibly gifted and talented, love the Lord and long to serve Him. We’re in awe of the high caliber people that the Lord is leading to our little corner of Madagascar!   Click here to read the rest of this story… 

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