Every Mother Counts

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In 2014, we completed our first calendar year at the Sarobidy Maternity Center.  The year 2014 was all about growth.  Our staff has grown together, our programs have become stronger, our knowledge about maternity care in Madagascar has increased.  Our programs have become increasingly popular and have grown in the number of women attending and graduating.  We’ve added a family planning program that is open to anyone in the community.  We’ve seen women’s knowledge increase and their confidence blossom as we’ve watched their bellies and beautiful breastfed babies grow.  We’ve watched a community of women grow together, laugh together and immensely enjoy this family of other women.  We’ve witnessed the transformation of women into mothers and strangers into friends.  We’ve watched women turn away from ancestral worship and turn toward the Eternal love of Christ.  We praise God that He is a God of GROWTH!


The numbers at a glance…

72– the number of women enrolled in the Sarobidy Maternity Center prenatal and/or postpartum programs during 2014

19– teen moms enrolled

18– first time moms

10– grand multiparas– a fancy name for saying that these strong ladies have delivered 5 or more babies!  an increased risk is associated with grand-multips

1– baby born prematurely at 35 weeks

49– women who delivered vaginally

5– women who were transported during labor… 100% of these ladies ended up having a c-section

100%– women who breastfed their babies– including the amazing story of Judith who exclusively breastfed her adopted daughter, Narindra!

50– the number of Monday prenatal education classes taught (-1 due to a cyclone and -1 because of “Easter Monday”– one of the biggest holidays here)

50– the number of Thursday postpartum education classes taught (-1 for Malagasy Independence Day and -1 for Christmas)

100%– mother-baby units that remained intact!



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Other Stats–

$2.12– the average daily income of the ladies enrolled in our programs

40– women who received free family planning since the introduction of this new program

10– the number of women who have previously lost a baby or child to death sometime after birth– 2 of these women have lost 3 children each.  unimaginable.

9– the average number of prenatal appointments that a woman receives in our program (this is almost triple the normal average here in Madagascar)

3– the average number of postpartum home visits that a new mom and baby receive in the first 10 days after delivery

13– the average number of postpartum appointments that a woman/baby receives in our program (as compared to zero appointments as postpartum care is non-existent here)




Educational Stats

6– the number of women who are unable to read and write

19– women who stopped school before or upon completing the equivalent of 5th grade

20– women who stopped school before or upon completing the equivalent of 8th grade

4– women who finished high school but didn’t receive their final High School diploma… yes, this is such a thing here

4– women who received their high school diploma

1– woman who received a college degree

72– women who received life-giving education that will then pass their knowledge along to others in their communities




Eternal Stats

11– women practice traditional ancestral worship or who don’t claim any religious affiliation

33– women who are protestant (note that some women who claim Christianity or Catholicism also incorporate traditional ancestral worship)

20– who are Catholic

1– who follow Islam

1– who is part of a known cult

72– the number of women who allowed us to pray with them after each and every appointment





$50– the amount it costs to support one woman a month to receive compassionate and respectful medical care, safe birth, extensive prenatal and postpartum care as well as life-changing education.  To donate to the Sarobidy Maternity Center, please click here.








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