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OK, so this is NOT our house… in fact, it’s NOTHING like our house… this house is in the remote village of Mahabana that we’ve been going to for the last 12 years… HOWEVER..

we DID GET THE HOUSE we were hoping and praying for!  If you don’t get our newsletters, here’s the story behind the house.  In March, we traveled 13 hours to the northwest coast and large city of Mahajanga where we’ll move to in the beginning of July.  While in Mahajanga and after LOTS of searching, we failed to secure a house.  The interesting this though is this: 9 years ago, we watched a wonderful house being built in the neighborhood that we were living in at the time and the neighborhood we would love to return to.  9 years ago, we thought, “what a great house that would be to live in!”.  While in Mahajanga in March, we inquired about the house and found out that a French family was living in it.  The husband, a teacher at the nearby French school, was to take an exam and the results of the exam would decide whether the family would stay in Madagascar or return to France.  A few weeks ago, we found out that he indeed passed his exams, they are returning to France, and that the house will be open as of July!  Then we discovered that the owner was undecided if he would continue to rent the house or sell it.  A week ago, we met with the owner while in the capital city.  Turns out, he remembers Jamie as a young boy and he would love to rent it to us!  God is so good!  He’s been preparing our hearts and had this house in His plans for us even 9 years ago!  The house is “American style”, it’s in the neighborhood where Jamie grew up and where we’ve both lived and so we’re already familiar with the surrounding community and they with us.  It’s walking distance to the school where our oldest will start in September.  It has a large, shaded and grassy area for the children to play.  It has AIR CONDITIONING for the HOT and MUGGY months (yes, they coincide!).  It’s spacious… complete with a guest room!  Any takers on coming out to Madagascar for a visit???


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