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Aaghhh, my favorite time of year in Madagascar… OK, well not really because it’s so unbelievably hot and muggy.  On average, it’s 97 degrees with an outrageous humidity level… somewhere around 80-90%.  However, with this ridiculous weather comes MANGOES, and this my friends, makes me very happy!  Mangoes are everywhere!  The trees are dripping sweetness all around.  Women are carrying them by basin-fulls balancing them on their heads as they walk to market.  And they are cheap!  I remember splurging on mangoes in the States, 2 mangoes for $3!  At this time of year, they’re pennies because of the abundance of them.  Even better, we’ve got lots of mango trees on our property and so they’re even cheaper.

All three of our kids have fallen in love with mangoes and thankfully share their parents affinity for them.  We often sit around the table after lunch, with a pile of mangoes for dessert.  I’ve considered many a days what else to do with mangoes… mango ice cream, mango cookies, mango bread.  But really, why mask their bold, unforgettable flavor so instead we enjoy them straight… or on a salad.


Every mango in this picture is a different species… 13 in all!  Some are small, some are as big as our 18 month old’s head… all are unique and flavorful!

If you’re so inclined to enjoy mangoes wherever you are in the world, but you’re scratching your head, wondering how in the world is the best way to eat them… come back next week for “the art of cutting a mango”.




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