Mauritius (part I)

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While my folks were with us, the seven of us ventured over to the neighboring island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.  This was a long anticipated and planned trip, we were full of excitement for a vacation in a tropical paradise and Jamie and I were ready for a break from the “dailies” of Madagascar.  We arrived after dark, stepped off the plane and strolled into a beautiful air conditioned airport.  Within the first hour, the contrasts of our life in Madagascar to that of life in Mauritius were numerous.  Here’s a few…

* toilets with seats

* fresh paint on the walls

* the ability and ease of reading signs in English

* the ability to speak and understand effortlessly

* the ease of driving because of: freeways, lines in the

roads, street signs, stop signs, and smooth roads

without potholes, cows, goats, chickens, rickshaws,

ox-carts, human carts

* drivers obeying the rules of the road

* nice cars, everywhere (i.e. no old jalopies)

* police cars

* no bars on windows and doors and no glass shards

or barbwire on high walls

* everyone wearing shoes and clean clothes

* no people begging

* familiar companies and stores

* shopping malls

These differences were just a few that I noticed, was thankful for, and felt so at home with despite still being in a foreign country.

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