Special Guests & Birthday Celebrations

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    Our long-time good friend and main ministry partner, Josy, left his wife home with their 3 kids and made the 15 hour drive to spend a few days with us and our 3 kids.  It was fantastic!!  We learned something new with our time together…. kids are kids wherever they are and whatever culture they’re from.  Josy felt like he was transplanted back into the chaos of the three small children that he left behind and that chaos was replaced by our three small children! 🙂


One of the things Jamie and Josy did together was to build a house for the guinea pigs we were giving to Isabella for her 5th birthday.  A few hours later, they finished a great house.  A few days later, this was the reaction of our little girl on her birthday as she opened her presents!!



    She is in love with these little guys and daily nurtures them!  The name for guinea pig in Malagasy is “bitro voalavo”– which means, “rabbit rat”.  This little guy in Isabella’s hands has fondly been named “Selma”.

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