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You may remember towards the end of 2015 that many of you gave generously for necessary renovations at the Sarobidy Maternity Center.  All these renovations and improvements are in preparation for when we begin deliveries at the center later this year.  A few have asked us, “why the improvements? or “doesn’t the center function now?”.  While the answer is Yes, the center does function… the more important answer is that though we live in one of the poorest countries in the world, we don’t believe that the women and babies should be treated sub-par with sub-par facilities, equipment and knowledge.  Rather, we long to bless each woman with a clean, safe and beautiful atmosphere– one in which we provide compassionate and competent care while treating each woman the respect and dignity she deserves.  

Just ten days ago, as soon as we finished the postpartum and well-baby appointments, we moved all of the supplies, equipment and furniture into just two rooms and within minutes, the cement and tile crew started working on chipping out the old cement floors, the cement kitchen counters and the tile shower.   Yesterday, the crew finished laying tile in the birth room and bathroom and this coming week, they’ll install the birth tub, toilet and new sink into the bathroom as well as build new cement and tile countertops in the kitchen.   To read more of this story and others from our March 2016 news, click here… 





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