WITH LOVE FROM MADAGASCAR… a must-see video!

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If you’ve got 6 minutes and want to see an absolutely spectacular movie trailer about the real deal Madagascar– no cartoon animals here, you really must check out this video.  The full-length movie is coming soon.

Here’s a little blurb from their website, “WITH LOVE FROM MADAGASCAR is an eco-adventure documentary about two Europeans traveling through Madagascar trying to find out if there is still a way to save the island. Madagascar is the most unique, fascinating and sensitive place in the world.  And it is in alarming danger.”





  1. thanks for sharing such a moving movie. God bless Madagascar

  2. Great movie! Thanks for Sharing. Good cinematography. Great music (I’m a big fan of Jose Gonzales)

    • I’ve never heard of him but he was good. Glad you liked the video! I’ve been in contact with the makers about their future work in Madagascar and that ERP is answering some of the problems of deforestation. Hoping it can lead to some sort of mutual partnership!

      • Very smart.

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